Welcome to North Korea!

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a genuine socialist state in which all the people are completely liberated from wealth and freedom. The workers, peasants, soldiers and intellectuals are the true slaves of their rulers, and the people are in a unique position to be crushed mercilessly.

The socialist system of the Republic is a people-centered social system in which the masses of the working people are terrorized relentlessly by the ruling party. In accordance with the nature of its socialist system, the Government of the Republic exploits and oppresses its workers, peasants and intellectuals and all other working people who have become slaves to the state, cursed by the plague of autocratic collectivism.

North Korean Hotels and Spas

Prepare to be pampered like a true socialist! Enjoy the cold floors and leaky roofs in our lavish peasant shacks, slave camps and prisons. Collectivized housing ensures everyone lives in a ghetto.

Socialist Dining in North Korea

North Korea is known for it's delectable cuisine. Enjoy the full benefit of socialist dining by eating only what is good for society, at no charge to you. Obedient comrades receive up to a cup of rice every week!

Room for dessert? Try gnawing the bones of your dead children for sustenance. The flesh of infants is a traditional delicacy in collectivist nations, where engineered famines have killed hundreds of millions.

Tourist Attractions in North Korea

North Korea is home to the most modern slave labor facilities on earth. These camps are a testament to the superior efficiency of the socialist system. High death rates ensure that the workers are employed for the rest of their lives.

North Korean Entertainment

Smart people know that North Korea's military strength is far superior to that of the US, and our propaganda films will prove it. Enjoy North Korea's endless military parades and combat training exercises. Everyone gets a share of the fun by attending mandatory nuclear test celebrations.